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released September 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Future Classic Music Denver, Colorado



The Soul Pros are a Hip Hop collective based out of Colorado consisting of Pavlo Kee (emcee), Mike Wird (emcee) and DJ A-L (deejay, producer).
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Track Name: Advocates of Change (Not in Vain)

(Make this land a better land, in the world in which we live)

Yeah y’all, Mike Wird, Pavlo Kee, A-L on the production

Verse 1 (Pavlo Kee):
Brown-skinned soul mellow brother in the mix
Left fist raised, to let ‘em know we still exist
Up in this maze, where the journey to the end’s
More important than the finish, change perklin’ within
While they murkin’ all our kin and turn us into heartless
Mindless souls, livin’ in compartments
Livin’ in the darkness or hiding behind screens
I’d opt to build community, shining like high beams
Vibrantly rising, know your self worth
Put your physical, mental, and spiritual health first
Roll with artists, activists, and educators on a quest
Grindin’ hard till the weight of the world up on they chest
Gets lifted, at least for a split second
Makin’ all that work worth it now livin’ in the present
For my advocates of change steady stayin’ on the grind
Know your work’s not in vain at this moment in time

Chorus (Pavlo Kee and Mike Wird):
Know your work’s not in vain at this moment in time
There’s more work, we got the lane hold your focus in line
One time for my people with change on they mind
(A-L cuts) And if mine are needy I need to feed mine
Know your work’s not in vain at this moment in time
There’s more work, we got the lane hold your focus in line
One time for my people on that activist grind
(A-L cuts) Make this land a better land

Verse 2 (Mike Wird):
Yeah, uh one, two, uh one two, check it
I write raps in the book of life
And illustrate on the mic what life’s lookin’ like
Paintin’ pictures with the wirds that ya should recite
If ya woulda ya coulda, in the hood of night
I gets to bring forth to light what the hood ignites
Its like steppin’ up even when ya shook from fright
The pure adrenaline tellin’ ‘em yo hook a right
It takes a lot to manage the damage ya took tonight?
And on every other evening, weekend warriors
Don’t mean to spoil your fun or straight bore ya
That’s life, and there’s way much more to this
Why these suckas on a mission to change more to less
That’s not exciting me, not inviting to me
Tellin’ the truth to the world but ya lyin’ to me
Whatever though hope yall caught up soon
We'll be waiting debatin’ how to get you thru

(We gotta make this land a better land, in the world in which we live)

Track Name: Peace in the Mile High (Summertime)

Verse 1 (Mike Wird):
Summer time in the Denver city’s crazy hot
We need shade not people acting shady, pops
Didn't show me much but he told me once
Just show love and watch it'll hold you up
So as I rise from the heat of the A.M. sun
I give thanks in this way my days' just begun,
A yo it's just begun, a yo it's just begun, it's just begun

Verse 2 (Pavlo Kee):
I took a deep breath in and exhaled the week’s stress
It’s times like these, we blessed for each breath
I step, outside see what’s crackin’
Some African drumming in the park, that’s what’s happenin’
A walk for the soul on my lonesome’s nice
Link up with the folks, so the motion’s right
Crack an ice cold one, the night’s barley just begun
It’s a Sunday ‘round seven finally the bold sun says

Chorus (Mike Wird):
PEACE to my people, ‘cuz it’s hot outside
Keep cool, ‘cuz the Fahrenheit is on the rise
Mile High, city in the sky
So cold, we keep it chilly in July

Verse 3 (Pavlo Kee):
Say PEACE to the park, jazz seeps into the dark
Smooth end to the day, but to me it’s just the start
Stroll back to the hilt, call the folks, start the grill
Park Hill backyard barbeques is always chill
On my lounge mode, but ready for whatever comes
Dudes act delirious from too much of Denver’s sun

(A-L cuts) Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot

Verse 4 (Mike Wird):
PEACE to my lady and my babies I don't have to creep
Mastery of the word play got ladies after me
Pass the trees after we get thru rockin’ the masterpiece
Ballroom, call who ever you want we all cool
Now all you gotta do is....say

(A-L cuts) peace, peace, peace, peace


Verse 5 (Pavlo Kee):
Aviana lookin’ fresh, so I’m ready to go
She gotta multi-colored headwrap, bright reds and yellows
Me rockin’ a white kangol, smooth, fresh, and mellow
Slanted at a slight angle, coolin’ with my fellows
We can hit the funky Buddha or la Rumba if you wanna
It’s no issue if you want medicinal marijuana
Feel the calm of the vibe on a night like this one
Rep the city in the sky, Elroy Jetson

Track Name: Money and the Meaning of Life (ft. Molina Speaks and MC A.D.)

Intro (Pavlo Kee):
Purpose, meaning, working, scheming, killing, dying, stealing, crying (x2)

Verse 1 (Mike Wird):
Misplaced motivation
Corporations across the globe controllin nations
The culmination of people that don't know they way in
On the outside mouths wide open achin
Bellies tell me that the hell we in is more than makin
A profit off the clock and off the fornication
Watch the vatican like Annikan they quarter mason
Quarter politician, banker and they more than hatin
Food, clothes, shelter, water, air, transportation
Man's poor taste in design is why the land's more wasted
And more vacant, resources hoarded ain't shit
To the transnationals aint nothin sacred
They stay frontin on our love of the ancients
Now we're all just on a modern day slaveship
Greenin’ the block is off for our generation
It's gentrification, most work for money... we work for education

Verse 2 (Pavlo Kee):
Be careful lettin’ it control you
It can manipulate, consume you or mold you
Eyo, it’s been known to buy souls too
How can you pull yourself up by the bootstraps if ya got no shoes
Old news, stress and strife
The cause of pain deep down on a restless night
As if hardships engrained, arguments and fights
The true reason why the young die in wars while fight for the stars and stripes
All for the force of greed
There’s more to life and there’s definitely more to me
Until infinity, we stand against these corporate thieves
Alongside the 99, not the one percent ruling class authorities
Some of y’all in bed still
Sleepin’ on the fact the shit’s about to get real
They want us dead still or runnin’ on a treadmill
Business as usual in the matrix take the blue pill or red pill

Chorus (Pavlo Kee):
So what’s the purpose of it? and what’s the meanin’ of it?
Some people workin’ for it, some people schemin’ for it
While others killin’ for it, some brother dyin’ for it
While others stealin’ for it and mothers cryin’ over it
So what’s the purpose?

Verse 3 (Molina Speaks):
It's the red versus blue and the white control the stars
and the strips and the fame and the cars and bars
and the applause, man lands on mars
and the gods in the body redesigned as object
For profit, the main project of prophets,
The toxic content on cigarette boxes
Never cautious, it's nonstop and nonsense
It's lawless, godless, slaves and Plessy
It's sexy, it's messy, guns and pussy
It's party and bullshit, who got the juice?
It's karma and truth when I hit the booth
Something that I want too, cuz it's freedom fool
It's trade and debt, only seven percent is in print,
The other 93 digits never spent
A gamblers bet- a future classic rhyme
Cuz the people know the only true currency is time

Verse 4 (AD):
While people livin' for them paper trails
Rockefeller, Usury and Economic Jails
And people livin' for the hope of gettin outta debt
To buy our Freedom or Justice and due respect
Like 40 acres and a school, we ain't seen it yet
We tryin' to educate our youth and keep their heads in check
And we know respect, respect ain't found in something hollow
Ignorant sheep, you got a few to follow
But with hip hop culture alive in Colorado
It's the peoples Revolution and we manifest solutions for the paper games
I'll meet the people at the FED, burn it down in flames
Cause all this fake paper money got you lock'd in chains
And illusion is confusing most the peoples brains
But it's the love for the cabbage that turn my people savage!

Chorus (x4)

Singing Hook (AD):
The Game's to have you chasin' dreams
They want you chasin' endlessly
They got you chasin' Funny Money
Track Name: Give a Poor Man a Break (ft. DJ Fast4ward)

Give the poor man a break

Verse 1 (Pavlo Kee):
Here’s a little story I got to tell
About crooked politicians that we know so well
I told y’all once, I told y’all twice,
I’mma keep tellin’ y’all till the end of the night
‘Cuz the whole world is ready to exhale
The whole world’s ready to rebel
Tell your homies on the block, hit the streets from Tunisia to Brazil
‘Cuz the rich just rob and steal (Give the poor man a break)
Most times I chill nonchalant
But it’s time to fight back like my name was Tousaint
I’m just being honest, I’m sick of the nonsense
Who roams this earth to keep up with the Joneses
‘Cuz they corrupt as hell and we know that
It ain’t hard to tell, it don’t take much to show that
Deca said, “it’s like a slap in the face”
Got the whole entire world screaming that’s the breaks

So just give the poor man a break
Can ya give the poor man a break
We gotta give the poor man a break
You gotta give the poor man a break

Verse 2 (Mike Wird):
A few years ago a friend of mine
Told me to fight for my rights if I'm
Gonna free my kind & see why crime
Really exists I gotta keep mind
Sharp, sharper than a gensu knife
Lift u right, up out of the shit you like
Like, baby it's a whole new world
A whole new ball game, I'll show you girl
Can't stop the rock won't stop the rock
Sucka emcees need to get off the jock
Cuz the rich get richer while the poor stay poor
So why you all worried like you Georgie pourgie
Kissed all the girls and make em all cry
In the oldest profession just to get by
While our babies stay stuck in developement stages
Navigatin thru the citys' one hell of a maze ....so just...can you?


Verse 3 (Pavlo Kee):
They sitting back laughin’ as we go to war
And don’t care about killin’ if it’s poor on poor
Livin’ in a mansion, makin’ cheddar galore
Too buy tryin’ to be like them to settle the score
I can glamorize it and the bling I got
But when he criticized it Dr. King got shot
In the face, bitter taste that it left in the place
Hit the breaks ‘cuz we sick of the maze

Verse 4 (Mike Wird):
Enough is enough but folks don’t got much
Now the American dream just means get locked up
Perfect example of how to rob and steal
Is fractional banking, it's got us all ill
Even if it goes right over your head,
It's still in the pocket, they got rights over ya bread
Don't believe us check the I-R-S
Get more money and it might start stress


(A-L Cuts)
Track Name: $oul'd Out

(A-L cuts on Chorus)

Verse 1 (Mike Wird):
I've never sold out a show or my soul
They say never say never, but low and behold
Ever is in never so for-ever I'ma glow
Doe or no doe, my endevours are a go
I'm not fooled by the overnight rap star
Or the globe trottin' legends that wanna act hard
Yeah your right, I'm not on your level yo
Whatever though, all I know is ya can't really measure soul

Verse 2 (Pavlo Kee):
Nod your heads in affirmation
Dedication to the elders the planet and our future generations
Preservation of a movement based in
Music for the soul with flavor to marinate in
Rhythm-filled wisdom still the sensationalism
Dominates the airwaves, makin’ it hard to listen
To what radio plays, ‘cuz it’s stripped of heart and vision
The Soul Pros can’t be sold through a business proposition

Chorus (A-L cuts):

Verse 3 (Mike Wird):
Rappers claim the humble tip, but under their breathe mumblin’
How they too good to do good for none of them
But what if one of them needs you to see em thru the thunder and
Lightning getting to the other side can be frightning
Heightening anothers awareness is the right thing
To do, but the right thing ain't cool
For most, on they quest to be kings
So when they say they got soul, I question they means

Verse 4 (Pavlo Kee):
Billboard verse a masterpiece up on the street
Big money studios versus home-cooked beats
Sex sells versus b-girl skill
Studio thugs ballin’ versus real souls rottin’ in jail
Nothingness versus substance out the trunk thumpin’
Egos versus Afronaut Funk up in the function
Makin’ somethin’ out of nothin’ but it’s still fresh and clean
Soul proclaimin’ sound culture in 2013 nawmean!

Chorus (A-L cuts)